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Gloucester County is set to begin the roundabout construction at the intersection of High Hill and Auburn Road.

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Letter from Mayor Alan Schwager regarding Fair Funding for our Schools

Dear Woolwich Residents,

Over the last several weeks, I have attended multiple meetings and work groups regarding our current unfair school funding situation. I have received numerous e-mails and phone calls urging me to support Kingsway’s FFAC (Fair Funding Action Committee) and their efforts to phase in our fair share of funding over a period of 5 or more years. I have since gone on record that I do not support this plan and want to explain why. Before I do that, I also want to go on record that I fully support signing a petition Kingsway has on their web site taking a different position than the phased funding plan supported by the FFAC. This phased funding plan, is the anticipated outcome coming from the Senate committee that was formed thru SR-100.

Swedesboro/Woolwich and Kingsway Schools have been underfunded since 2010 using the approved formula indentified in the 2008 SFRA (School Funding Reform Act). To send a message to our State legislatures and Governor that we are willing to wait 5 more years to finally receive the funds due our community today is absurd. Woolwich and its residents deserve and demand to be fully funded in the 2017-2018 state budget cycle.

I strongly urge each and every resident to contact our 3rd District Legislatures and demand to be fully funded at once without any further delays. The Legislative District 3 Officials’ phone number for Senator Sweeney, Assemblyman Burzichelli and Assemblyman Taliaferro is (856)-251-9801.

How ironic is it that 40 Senators, 80 Assemblymen and 1 Governor can come together in a matter of months to pass a $.23 gas tax, but fail year after year after year to properly fund the education of our children. Please help me send a message to Trenton that our children should not be less important than our roads and that the time for political posturing, finger pointing and games are over and do the job they were elected to do.

Alan Schwager-Mayor

Woolwich Township, NJ


To View Resolution R-2017-61 Resolution of the Township of Woolwich, County of Gloucester, Requesting the Assistance of the State of New Jersey in Addressing the School Funding Issue Faced by the Swedesboro-Woolwich and Kingsway High School Districts click here

Adopted 2-21-17 


Municipal Engineer FAQ

Municipal Engineer (8 Entries)

1. Who is the Municipal Engineer?

  • Frank Morris, P.E. of the Alaimo Firm is the Township's 2014 Municipal Engineer.

    2. How do I contact the municipal engineer?

  • Initial contact with Woolwich Township concerning most engineering issues such as drainage complaints, for example, MUST be made through the Township Director of Community development's office. The Director of Community Development will take your report, open a file if necessary, and refer the matter to the municipal engineer. In many cases the Townhip Administrator or Director of Community Development may be able to answer your questions or provide you information that is responsive to your inquiry without having to refer you to the municipal engineer. In order for the Finance Department to monitor engineering costs you should not contact the Township Engineer directly.

3. I have a question about my Developer's Escrow Account

  • You should contact the township directly.The Municipal Land Use Law provides developers certain appeal rights related to engineering fees that are charged to their escrow accounts.

5. How do I report a pothole?

  • Call the Township Administrator's Office or use the online Report a Pothole Problem [COMING SOON!].

6. Is the municipal engineer responsible for Land Use Board matters?

  • Generally speaking, the municipal engineer is not responsible for Land Use Board matters. Each board retains its own engineering consultant

    7. How do I report a stormwater drainage problem?

  • Call the Township Administrator's Office or use the online Report a Drainage Problem form [COMING SOON!].

8. I want to request that my street be paved. You should contact the Township Administrator's Office to discuss requests for street paving. A limited amount of funding is available each year for paving.

  • You should contact the Township Administrator's Office to discuss requests for street paving. A limited amount of funding is available each year for pavingand the Township has a five year plan in place based upon need. Therefore, the annual road overlay program is determined based on a priority point system. A team comprised of the Township Administrator, Public Works Superintendent, and the municipal engineer continually monitors road conditions and prioritizes drainage and overlay needs for the Township Committee.

Last Municipal Engineer Update: January 30, 2014.