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Gloucester County is set to begin the roundabout construction at the intersection of High Hill and Auburn Road.

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Letter from Mayor Alan Schwager regarding Fair Funding for our Schools

Dear Woolwich Residents,

Over the last several weeks, I have attended multiple meetings and work groups regarding our current unfair school funding situation. I have received numerous e-mails and phone calls urging me to support Kingsway’s FFAC (Fair Funding Action Committee) and their efforts to phase in our fair share of funding over a period of 5 or more years. I have since gone on record that I do not support this plan and want to explain why. Before I do that, I also want to go on record that I fully support signing a petition Kingsway has on their web site taking a different position than the phased funding plan supported by the FFAC. This phased funding plan, is the anticipated outcome coming from the Senate committee that was formed thru SR-100.

Swedesboro/Woolwich and Kingsway Schools have been underfunded since 2010 using the approved formula indentified in the 2008 SFRA (School Funding Reform Act). To send a message to our State legislatures and Governor that we are willing to wait 5 more years to finally receive the funds due our community today is absurd. Woolwich and its residents deserve and demand to be fully funded in the 2017-2018 state budget cycle.

I strongly urge each and every resident to contact our 3rd District Legislatures and demand to be fully funded at once without any further delays. The Legislative District 3 Officials’ phone number for Senator Sweeney, Assemblyman Burzichelli and Assemblyman Taliaferro is (856)-251-9801.

How ironic is it that 40 Senators, 80 Assemblymen and 1 Governor can come together in a matter of months to pass a $.23 gas tax, but fail year after year after year to properly fund the education of our children. Please help me send a message to Trenton that our children should not be less important than our roads and that the time for political posturing, finger pointing and games are over and do the job they were elected to do.

Alan Schwager-Mayor

Woolwich Township, NJ


To View Resolution R-2017-61 Resolution of the Township of Woolwich, County of Gloucester, Requesting the Assistance of the State of New Jersey in Addressing the School Funding Issue Faced by the Swedesboro-Woolwich and Kingsway High School Districts click here

Adopted 2-21-17 


Local Community News

Woolwich Township is pleased and proud to announce that residents Samuel and Joseph Maugeri, of Maugeri Farms, have received the 2010 “Vegetable Growers of the Year” award from the New Jersey Vegetable Growers Association of New Jersey. This distinction honors the Maugeri Brothers for their innovative growing and marketing techniques, their devotion to promoting agriculture and for their service to the New Jersey agricultural industry.

Woolwich Township congratulates them!


Maugeri Farms award recipient of the Patrick J. Mullen Jersey Fresh Quality Grading Award


Photo, left to right:  Joseph Montresor, Larry Hardwick, both of the NJ Dept. of Agriculture; Judy Mullen, Patrick Mullen's wife; Joanne Maugeri, Sam Maugeri, Joseph Maugeri, Karen Maugeri; Ralph Maresco of the NJ Dept. of Agriculture, and Al Murray, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture.
The Patrick J. Mullen Jersey Fresh Quality Grading Award was presented to Maugeri Farms of Woolwich Township on Tuesday, February 8 at the New Jersey State Agricultural Convention in Cherry Hill.  Mullen was the Director of the NJ Department of Agriculture's Division of Marketing and Development and developed the Jersey Fresh Quality Grading Program, which inspects produce to ensure it's of the highest quality.  Each year, Jersey Fresh Quality Grading Program inspectors recognize a farm that works hard to supply top quality produce.  Maugeri Farms is run by brothers Sam and Joe Maugeri Jr., who cultivate more than 600 acres in and around the Oldmans Creek area.  They sell their produce to wholesale distributors and markets and supply many of the roadside markets all over New Jersey and in Pennsylvania.  In 2007, the Maugeris opened their farm to the public for the first time in the farm's 80-year history for hay rides, pumpkin picking and fall activities.  They also have a produce stand, selling their fresh fruits and vegetables directly to the consumer.
 Woolwich Township Congratulates the Maugeri Family for this latest award!