Woolwich Township, NJ


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June 21, 2017 

For Immediate Release 
Contact: Bernie Weisenfeld – PIO – GCPO 
Phone: 856-384-5617 
RE: Woolwich homicide 
“The investigation into the Woolwich homicide is progressing. This investigation is in the early stages and relevant details cannot be released at the present time. However, all available information indicates there is no immediate safety concern for area residents,” said Prosecutor Sean F. Dalton. Anyone with information can contact Detective Michael Bates of the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office at 856-384-5552








Employment FAQ

Employment FAQ (5 Entries)

1. Woolwich Township is not presently hiring but I would like to send an application anyway

  • We only accept employment applications submitted in response to job vacancy announcements.

2. Job Opportunities

  • Woolwich Township posts help wanted advertsements in the Gloucester County Times and/or online when positions are available. This section answers common questions relative to employment by Woolwich Township.

3. What is a certification?

  • The State of New Jersey issues certifications for numerous municipal positions (ie: Township Clerk, Tax Collector, Tax Assessor, Code Officials, Finance Officers etc.) upon the successful completion of classes and the passage of a state certification examination.
  • While applicants for positions requiring a state certification may have a better chance at being hired, applicants may be hired based upon a requirement to become certified in the position within a specified time frame.

4. Who does the actual hiring?

  • While the Township receives many applications when positions are available, applications are screened and those determined to be most qualified are called for an interviews. Interviews may be held by the Township Administrator and/or member(s) of the Township Committee. In some cases, interviews are conducted by the entire governing body. The hiring department head may also be asked to sit on during the interview process.
  • Decisions as to hiring are made by a vote of the Township Committee based upon the recommednations made after the interview process has been completed.

5. Does Woolwich Township require residency when hiring new employees?

  • No. While the Township welcomes qualified applicants who are residents, the Township has no policy which requires that employees be residents of the Township.

Last Employment FAQ Update: March 15, 2007.